How do you notetake & sketch?

Choose how you want to draw, sketch & touch your display with our specialised stylus.

No thanks, I don't need to draw.

Mark Up | Jot Down

Lay your Display down. Draw like a pro with the espresso Pen.

Natural Pen Experience

Draw like you would on paper.
4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity with virtually no lag.

More ways to connect

Our Pen is weighted for comfort and balance. It feels like an high-end writing instrument in your hand.

Tech Specs

4,092 levels of pressure sensitivity

Tilt sensitive

Weight: 80g

Charge time: 1hr

Usage: 100hrs on a single charge


What can I do with the espressoPen?

You can touch, draw, design, and take notes with ease.

Will any other stylus pen work with the espresso?

The espressoPen is designed to work with our display. Third party devices may work on the display if they use the MPP Protocol.

How often would I need to charge the espressoPen?

The espressoPen only requires about 1-hour charge and it will last around 100 hours per charge.

What's in the box?

The espressoPen, a replacement tip, and a USB-C charging cable.