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How to Positively Distract Your Kids With Tech

A lot of stigma surrounds kids and technology so let’s have a look at some positive ways technology can be used to distract your kids.
How to Positively Distract Your Kids With Tech - espresso

With so much stigma surrounding young kids using technology, it can be easy to look past all the positives that may come with it. More than ever, we have incredible entertainment and learning resources right at our fingertips thanks to the internet.

When used properly, the internet provides us with endless opportunities to learn and grow, especially for the young ones. By using a portable screen, kids are able to tap into useful resources to help them develop their brains or simply entertain themselves; in turn providing them with productive screen time.

What are some positive ways technology can distract your kids? Let’s take a look.

Educational content

The amount of quality educational resources available online for children are mind blowing. Anything you wish to teach children can be found online, no matter the topic. Harnessing these endless resources provide positive stimulation for a child's brain so long as the time spent using technology is monitored.


If using technology is what it takes to get your child to read, then so be it. A portable monitor can function as a fun, interactive tool for teaching your child to further their reading skills no matter where they wish to do so. Outside? No problem. In the car? Done.

Improve digital literacy

Whether we like it or not, kids are going to learn to use technology at some point. As it’s a huge part of almost anyone's life in the modern world, not learning to use technology can prove to be quite the handicap. Kids love touching and moving things. Using a portable monitor pairs those actions, creating an excellent tool for digital literacy learning.


Computer games get a bad rep, there’s no denying that. Often people see them as energy sucking, attention destroying activities that should be avoided, especially for children. However, if kids play games that stimulate brian production or require critical thinking, the benefits simply can’t be denied. Portable monitors allow children to play games in different environments such as the outdoors or in a car. Check out which gaming consoles the espresso Display is compatible with. 


Simply letting kids use technology as a means to distract them and allow us a moment of time to focus on the tasks we need to get done without our children getting underfoot is considered by some people to be ‘bad parenting’. This logic, however, is ill conceived as watching movies may actually provide more positive than negative effects on kids. As long as the content chosen is appropriate, kids can learn a surprising amount of beneficial things from movies.

Portable monitors provide possibilities for children to positively interact with technology no matter where they are. If they want that distraction, yet you don’t want to drag around your laptop for them, simply let them connect your portable monitor to a phone or tablet to provide a large screen experience from anywhere.