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A portable monitor that adapts to the user, anywhere they work.

We drive business impact through seamless integration with the devices, software and solutions used by our customers. Read what our customers have told us.

"With a constant work travel schedule it’s important that I’m able to keep up with my projects and presentations. Trying to assemble these on my laptop is challenging considering the limited screen real estate available and hauling around a full-size desktop monitor isn’t feasible. When looking for portable solutions we tested a few options but once I plugged in the Espresso there was no question this was the solution I was looking for. The ease of use (plug & play), portability, screen quality and functionality of the accessories made this my permanent travel companion."
Jason Chinnock
CEO, Ducati North America 
"The engagement survey has rated very highly this year because of the satisfaction level of the staff that received good equipment."
Rony Halim
Head of Information Technology, Nexia Australia
"We can demonstrate the work that we do. It’s interactive. That level of interaction means that they’re engaged. And when they’re engaged, they want to work with us."
Michael Nelson
Managing Director, Smarter Knowledge

Learn more about how we provide our customers with tools to power success in mobility, hybrid working, productivity, and customer engagement.

Nexia provides business and accounting solutions to more than 30 sector and service specialities with a team of accountants that operate in hybrid and client-facing environments. Nexia partnered with espresso Displays to drive productivity in mobile, hybrid and client-facing scenarios.
Smarterknowledge is a consultancy that deployed espresso Display products to enable its hybrid workforce to connect, develop and demonstrate data visualisation through deeper interaction with its clients.
A strategic and creative services company, The Being Group offers services in strategy, communication, e-learning, marketing, digital marketing, branding, design, video production and more. The Being Group chose espresso Displays.

We collaborate with the best partners to deliver business solutions to the unique challenges our customers face. Speak with our team about what we can do for you.

espresso Displays products are the preferred way for executives, developers, creatives, and hybrid teams to optimise the way they work.

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“This portable monitor is the answer to working from home.”
“The amazing productivity tool you didn’t know you needed.”
“The touchscreen iMac substitute you’ve wanted.”