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The Best Cafes to Work Remotely From

Remote work is more popular than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the world's best cafes to work remotely from.
The Best Cafes to Work Remotely From - espresso

With remote work becoming ever more popular, many people are looking for new places where they can get out of the house to work in new environments. A change of scenery can be all you need to get the ball rolling on the task you’ve been putting off.

So many beautiful, cosy cafes are scattered across the globe. To save you from having to waste another second scrolling through Google Maps and Yelp looking for the best reviewed cafes in your city we’ve put together this list for you.

Devoción, NYC 

There’s something about leather couches, brick walls and persian rugs that screams cosiness. This particular cafe style has garnered the attention of many remote workers as the feeling you get when you step into a cafe like this is nothing short of amazing. Devoción offers a productive atmosphere without feeling corporate. A comfy vibe without the tackiness. An industrial feel without the grit. 

With 3 locations dotted across the cityscape: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg, you have a nice range of locations to choose from. Only a short stroll from the Empire State Building, Devocións Manhattan location is an excellent choice for those doing the New York tourist experience that need a nice place to knuckle down and do some work. Devoción undeniably offers the best cafe vibes for remote workers.

Rising Sun Workshop, Sydney 

I mean, just look at this upstairs space, it’s a digital nomad’s dream! This rustic motorcycle garage style cafe serves up great coffee, fast WiFI and a plethora of perfect workstations to choose from. What’s not to love? Nestled in the coolest of Sydney's suburbs, Newtown, Rising Sun Workshop is a must visit for anyone wanting to escape the house and get productive.

Now—we can’t forget the food Rising Sun Workshop is so famously known for: Ramen! If there’s one thing that can make any place cosier, it’s a steaming hot bowl of delicious Ramen. With so many good smells and flavours on offer, Ramen is certainly the perfect pair for those that need to get down to business.

Stir Coffee, London 

If a quaint London corner cafe located in the heart of Brixton doesn’t get the creative juices flowing then we don’t know what will. With ultra-fast WiFi, tasty food and indoor/outdoor seating options, you’ll never get sick of Stir Coffee’s wonderful little cafe. Visiting Stir Coffee is a must for anyone in London, locals or visitors, who wish to enter the flow state to get some work done while grooving in a nice environment. They also have a tonne of different coffee beans and grinds available to purchase!

Stories Books & Cafe, LA 

If ever a cafe was dedicated to those who work remotely and need a comfortable, friendly environment away from home, Stories Books & Cafe would be just that place. Any cafe/bookstore hybrid is bound to be inviting but Stories Books & Cafe has a special feeling that’s hard to describe. Yummy coffee and of course fast WiFi mean that the project you’ve been meaning to finish will get done in no time if you choose to work here. 

Stories Books & Cafe has gained a niche following amongst the LA community. If you want a taste of local LA life outside of the hustle and bustle of the downtown area or Venice beach, pay a visit to one of the city's best kept secrets and find out why it’s become such a popular little work hub. They also host regular events with authors and poets so check out their website for the latest updates.

le10h10, Paris 

le10h10 has harnessed the scientifically proven productivity benefits of warm colours and slapped them into an amazing setting filled with 1970s inspired furnishings. Entrepreneurs and digital nomads love this space; it’s gained a great reputation amongst this crowd as being one of the city's best coworking cafes. Tasty snacks, delicious coffee and good music mean a day at work here is a breeze.

Hot Tip: An espresso Display is compact enough to fit alongside your laptop on a coffee table.