What’s in the box?


1x 1m USB-C Cable

espressoFlow Software

Supercharge your capabilities at home, in the office, in-between - anywhere.

What espressoDisplay Users Say

One device,endless possibilities

Your second screen, your notepad, your whiteboard, your drawing tablet, your productivity tools, your all-in-one solution for achieving more, anywhere.

Ultra portable touchscreen monitor
World’s thinnest portable monitor. No charger required.
Exquisite pencil-like experience
Draw, sketch & markup with the highest precision.
Perfect set up, just how you like it
Easily adjust position, rotation and viewing angle.

Which display is right for you?

15 Touch

15.6” display

358mm x 256mm






Built in Speakers

13 Touch

13.3” display

308mm x 228mm






Built in Speakers


13.3” display

308mm x 228mm






No Speakers





300 nits

Response Time

60Hz refresh rate


16.2m Colours

Experience Flow

When your thoughts and actions blend together seamlessly, time begins to fade away, and nothing else exists except a pure and blissful focus on the task at hand - You have achieved a state of flow.

espressoFlow software changes the way you work

When you combine the world's thinnest portable touchscreen monitor with innovative productivity software that streamlines your workflow & lets you easily customise your multi-screen workspace, you have the perfect recipe for achieving a flow state.

  • Create custom workspaces and launch with a single click
  • Effortlessly snap app windows to position across your screens
  • Create & save customised display settings for your external displays
  • Enables touch for Mac

All espressoDisplays are powered by espressoFlow productivity software



What are the benefits of having an espressoDisplay?

One of the major benefits of using the espressoDisplay is the ability to have more screen real estate, increasing your productivity and allowing you to do more anywhere! Being able to easily setup and packdown makes working in the local coffee shop a breeze. Having the ability to jot down notes or even illustrate on the go saves plenty of time!

Is my device compatible with the espressoDisplay?

espressoDisplay is compatible with most devices, some devices may require different configurations. Please take a look at our compatibility list here.

What are the dimensions and weight of the displays?
  • 15.6" screen (2lbs) - W:358mm x H:256mm
  • 13.3" screen (1.5lbs) - W:308mm x H:228mm
What is the resolution of the Displays?

The espressoDisplay has a resolution of 1080p. We have completed extensive testing and found that 1080p is the best resolution for our 13 and 15inch Displays.

What’s the difference between espressoDisplay 13 Touch / 15 Touch and espressoDisplay 13?

All of the displays work as a second screen with your device, however, the 13” & 15” touch both provide your device with the ability to utilize touch. This is especially useful when used for drawing or notation.

How do I charge the Display?

The great news is that our display doesn’t require any charging! The display uses the power generated by your host device (laptop). If your device can’t supply enough power there are always options such as a power bank or phone charger.

What cable(s) will I need?

In most cases, all you need is a single USB-C cable. The Compatibility Checker will show you if you need other cables for your device.

Does Touch work on Mac and Windows?

Sure does! Make sure to download espressoFlow to enable the best touch screen experience on your Mac or Windows device.

What's in the box?

Included with the espressoDisplay is a USB-C to USB-C cable and a microfiber cleaning cloth.