Most devices work with USB-C, a 1m USB-C cable is included with your espressoDisplay. Buy another if you need a backup

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3ft purple
6ft white
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What they say...

What to use it with

• Mac models with Thunderbolt 3

• Windows PCs with USB-C (with video capability)

• Nintendo Switch with USB-C (power source required)

• Samsung Galaxy S9 or later with USB-C (power source required)

• Apple iPad versions with USB-C (screen mirroring only)

How to use it

Connect one side of the USB-C cable into your device and then insert the USB-C into your espresso.

Tech Specs

Length: 3ft & 6ft long available

Protocol: DP 1.4

Colour: White

Popular Questions

What lengths do USB-C cables come in?

We have two different sizes available 3ft and 6ft.

Does length of USB-C cable matter?

Our 6 ft cable is the longest length we have available. The lenght of the cable makes no difference to the experience with the display.

Is there a difference in USB-C cables?

The only difference between the USB-C cables that we offer is the length.

Do all USB-C cables support video?

All espresso USB-C cables support video; not all third party cables do. Video transmission over USB-C is also dependent on the host device.